Cappy's is different and we are proud of that difference. We could use cheaper ingredients, additives, or artificial oils to stretch our caramel, or shorten our baking process.  But, then, we would be just another gourmet popcorn and there are plenty of those to choose from.  Instead, we use honest quality ingredients, hard work, and time to produce a superior caramel corn.  Cappy's Caramel Corn is made from the finest ingredients with no preservatives added.  Our process is a traditional one which imparts a very rich and buttery taste to the popcorn.  Taste, Texture, and unique Flavors are our standard.  Cappy's is beyond gourmet . . . it is "Incredible".

Signature:  This is the original flavor made from the original recipe. We use all natural ingredients and no artificial flavoring. What you taste is caramel and popcorn.

Sweet & Salty:  To our Signature caramel, we add Sea Salt to make a sweet and salty treat.  This is our #1 selling flavor.

KY Bourbon:   We start with Signature Caramel Corn and add a rich KY Bourbon.  Yes, we use actual Kentucky Bourbon to add a layer of distinctive flavor to this unique caramel corn. 

Cinnamon:   A touch of cinnamon adds a nostalgic taste to our original recipe.  Cinnamon lovers can't get enough of this twist on our Signature recipe.

Molasses:   Dark molasses added to our caramel gives this caramel corn a deep, rich color, and flavor which resonates with its' many fans.

Espresso:    This is a dark, rich flavor enhanced by coffee liquor.  Taste this and become a believer!

Vanilla Bean:  A delightfully light caramel with a strong vanilla taste.  This is a crisp and clear, sweet and light caramel corn.

Peppermint:  A crush of peppermints adds color and flavor to this seasonal Christmas favorite.  It is available from late October through December.


Toasted Coconut:

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