Customer Comments:

I tasted some molasses flavored popcorn at the Danville BBQ festival today...they were out of the bags to I came here to look and I don't see that flavor offered. Please help me!! I am craving the MOLASSES!!        Thank you!      Loved your product!                                                                            Mark & Kathy Canupp      9/10/2012

My husband and I recently visited an art fair where there was a Cappy's booth.  The employee greeted us kindly and enthusiastically as we walked by.     After a taste test, we were definitely sold!  Wonderful product and service.                                                                            Kaylee      9/10/2012

Tried your product at Breyerfest at the Kentucky Horse Park. I brought the bag home to New England and my family loved it, we want more molasses!                                                                            Damielle Morano      8/13/2012

Purchased your caramel corn at Breyerfest in Lexington, and it is WONDERFUL,!  Loved it!  Can't wait to get more.  Your employees were excellent.  Hope to see you there next year!                                                                                                              Nancy      8/6/2012

Had a few samples of your wonderful caramel corn while at Breyerfest 2012.   I liked the Sweet & Salty one best, bought a bag and shared it with my husband and niece.  They loved it!  And my husband slyly suggested we'd have a bag or two for a trip later this month.  Good idea!  Will definitely be buying more in the future!!                                                                                                              Jennifer Pomerance      7/28/2012

I absolutely love your product! I purchased the sweet and salty flavor and I am absolutely in love! I love how fresh the popcorn taste and especially that it doesn't stick to my teeth! And obviously the flavor is amazing! I will be recommending you to all my friends and I will also keep you in mind for my future events! You guys are AMAZING!!!                                                                                                              Laura Philpot      5/13/2012

The best Caramel Corn ever. From the Bugle Guy!!                                                                                                              Daniel Golando      4/18/2012

I had the Toffee and the Caramel Corn both where the best I have ever had loved it !                                               Dawn Bisson     4/15/2012

Love this Popcorn!                                               Frances Pinczewski     4/12/2012

Was able to sample the Toffee Bricks at the Indiana Artisan Show and they are WONDERFUL! Would really like to order more. And, by the way the Caramel Corn is Fantastic too, will need order that as well.                                               Tina Beer    4/2/2012

I love this Popcorn!                                               Elizabeth Beth Johnson    3/25/2012

I purchased some of your toffee at KY Crafted last weekend. It was delicious!                                               Cyndi Mattingly    3/5/2012

This is the best caramel popcorn I have ever tasted. I just got back from the KY Crafted fair in Lexington, KY and I'm so glad I bought one of each flavor. I will be ordering more of this for my family and friends!                                               Marisa Daihl    3/4/2012

We really enjoyed finding the new treat. The boubon flavored one is really good!                                               Leisa Taylor Jones    2/13/2012

My daughter can not have high fructose corn syrup. So you can imagine my surprise when we came across popcorn that she loves with flavor, and not having anything in it that will hurt her. We bought our popcorn at the boat show at Rup Arena. I just wanted to thank you from the bottem of my heart for your wonderful products. I will be making an order very soon. Thank you again.                                                                          Carrie Botts      2/12/2012

I received this popcorn as a gift for Christmas.  It is the best Caramel Corn ever!  Mine was the Sweet & Salty. This is definitely something I would like more of!                                               M Wilmloff   2/11/2012

The company I work for recently treated each of us to 4oz bag of your caramel corn... absolutely loved it, I am a popcorn lover, especially caramel corn.  Did not even know Cappy's existed.  We all shared the different types we received (Sweet & Salty, KY Bourbon, Kahlua).  I now have plans to treat family and friends with some on birthdays, get togethers, and of course, treat myself (plan to stop by KY Artisan Center in Berea or the Liquor Barn on Richmond Rd in Lexington).                                               Lorraine Thompson   London, KY   1/21/2012

A box of your product just made it to my home - a Christmas gift from my sister - and so to be polite we decided to try the Signature Bag right away.  We never eat caramel corn, but this product can easily become habit forming.  The taste is excellent.  The corn isn't sticky; it just melts in your mouth.  Congratulations on putting on the market a quality product.                              Claude Girard    Quebec, Canada  1/11/2012

My husband and I wondered whether or not to purchase your sweet & salty caramel corn the other day.  We will never wonder again for we are now lifetime customers!  This was the best popcorn we have ever had and we eat popcorn almost on a daily basis!  Simply a fantastic product!  You Rock!                      Christine Hughes   KY   12/19/2011

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I absolutely love your product and will do my best to promote you around the Danville area.  Thank you for opening my eyes to caramel corn again!!                                                                                                                                    Crystal Nichols   Danville, KY   12/10/2011

I tried and bought your Sweet & Salty corn at the BBQ Festival and LOVED IT!  Already ate the whole bag, wish I would of bought more awesome product.                                                                                                                        Lynn Lewis   Danville, KY   11/5/2011

My husband and I were at the BBQ Festival in Danville this past weekend and we tried your Caramel Corn and fell in love with it.  We really liked the bourbon flavored corn, we bought 2 bags.  I know we will be buying more.  Thank you so much for making popcorn so good to eat now.  We will pass the word out to get more people to try your Caramel Corn.  Thanks again.                                                                                                       Joetta & Eugene Patterson   Danville, KY   11/5/2011

OMG!!!! I am SOOOOO addicted to this POPCORN!!! I've gone through 2 bags in 3 days!                                                                                                         Ramon Javier Benitez   Indianapolis, IN   9/26/2011

This is the best caramel corn I have ever had!!! It is so good.  I can't put it down. Got some at the KY Bourbon Festival!  Should have bought more!!!                                     Sarah Freeman  Bardstown, KY   9/18/2011

I purchased a bog of Sweet & Salty, ate the whole bag in two evenings, didn't even share with my husband, it was toooo good.                                     Ann Linville  Augusta, KY   9/6/2011

We just got your order here at Old Friends. crunch crunch  I forgot how good it really is!  crunch crunch Thanks so much.                              Slyvia Stiller, Georgetown, KY  7/20/2011

Wow!!!! Bourbon, Cinnamon, Bourbon, Cinnamon!  Bourbon, Cinnamon, ..... so hard to choose!  Great Stuff!  Thanks Again.         Sharon Boren  Montesano, WA   6/11/2011

Hi! I discovered your Incredible Caramel popcorn at the Berryline in Cambridge and I think it's delicious!  I look forward to trying your other flavors.   Janet L  Cambridge, MA     5/10/2011

This is absolutely the BEST caramel corn I have ever had!!  Cappy's leaves all the others in the dust.  It's great for gifts... if you can keep from eating it yourself first!   Brad Ellzey   Florence, KY     5/3/2011

I first tasted this popcorn in Louisville at a trade show.  It was great.  I bought a pack and took it home.  Two weeks later I was in Indiana and saw it again at the Indianapolis Food Festival.  I bought a case!  Terrific Stuff.     Sharon Boren    Montesano, WA    5/3/2011

You have got some of the best caramel corn I have ever tried.          Anthony Bowling     5/3/2011

This is the best caramel corn I've ever had!  I can't wait for my bag to get here; it'll be the perfect study snack:)    Geneve Dromensk  Santa Barbara, CA      5/1/2011

I love your caramel corn.  The flavor is great and I love how it does not stick to your teeth like others do.  I will be getting more for sure.      Aaron Baars     Alexandria, KY      4/20/2011